Welcome To WOOLF 2017!

“What I think is so special about WOOLF is the bonds you form. They make the trip unforgettable and they last so much longer than the four day trip!”

It’s time to start thinking about WOOLF 2017. WOOLF has two incredible new Student Co-Directors, Skylar Smith ’18 and Rob Hefferon ’18 who will be making it better than ever before!

Founded in 1978, WOOLF is the oldest and most popular Williams College EPHventure Program, sponsored by the Williams Outing Club! It bonds participating first-years with a small group of fellow students, and helps them get acquainted with the beautiful Berkshire environment that surrounds the Williams Campus, as well as building on their outdoor and teamwork skills. The WOOLF program offers great options for outdoor enthusiasts (or future enthusiasts) of every level, and is pleased to welcome first-time outdoorsmen and women.