WOOLF 2023!

Welcome to WOOLF 2023!

We’re so excited as yet another amazing year of WOOLF is underway. WOOLF trips provide a special community and group of people for freshman to have the next four years at Williams, along with some good laughs and memories! This site can be used to help answer any questions you may have about the program, what to pack, where to get equipment, what’s on the menu, who’s running the show, and why you should choose WOOLF (along with anything else you might have questions about). Check out the sidebar to the right to navigate the site easily.

If you missed the info session and are looking for all of the juicy WOOLF deets, check out this awesome presentation by your super cool directors!


The Program

“What I think is so special about WOOLF is the bonds you form. They make the trip unforgettable and they last so much longer than the four day trip!”

Founded in 1978, WOOLF is the oldest and most popular Williams College EPHventure Program, sponsored by the Williams Outing Club! It bonds participating first-years with a small group of fellow students, and helps them get acquainted with the beautiful Berkshire environment that surrounds the Williams Campus, as well as building on their outdoor and teamwork skills. The WOOLF program offers great options for outdoor enthusiasts (or future enthusiasts) of every level, and is pleased to welcome all first-years, regardless of outdoor experience or ability.