“WOOLF has no screens, none of the shackles of the 21st century. It is straight-up human experience!”

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WOOLF is one of six EPHventures mid-orientation program options for first-years. The majority of Williams first-years go on WOOLF trips, over 300 each year. WOOLF sends out groups of 10-12 first-years, led by two well-trained sophomores, to do activities such as backpacking, canoeing, rock-climbing, and trail crew. No outdoor experience is necessary to go on WOOLF– it is a great first-time wilderness experience! Choose WOOLF for your EPHventures experience, and enjoy getting to know the Williams community in an intimate outdoor setting.


The WOOLF community is full of collaboration, charisma, and so much love. Everyone who is part of the program gives 110%, and the result is something quite amazing. Meet some new people, learn some new skills, but most importantly: have fun!

Check out an exclusive interview with one of the founders of the WOOLF program at Williams, Eric Laschever Class of ’78!