Be introduced to the beautiful surroundings of Williamstown while backpacking with an intimate group. Choose a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trip. No matter which you select, you are guaranteed an amazing introduction to Williams, the woods, and the wonders of WOOLF!

Trip Levels

  1. Low-mileage: Absolutely no experience necessary. Learn the basics of backpacking. Under 5 miles per day.
  2. Medium-mileage: Experience recommended but not necessary. Daily mileage is approximately 5-10 miles.
  3. High-mileage: Experience recommended. Daily mileage is approximately 8-15 miles.

* We will be offering a gluten-free backpacking trip, as well as four allergy/nut-free backpacking trips. WOOLF works to accommodate all allergies, dietary restrictions and other concerns of our incoming first years to ensure the most positive experience. The number of nut-free/gluten-free trips change from year to year.

Backpacking Gear List